The Board of Directors normally holds its meeting on the first Wednesday of the month.  

The meetings are held in the Council Chambers at

Carpinteria City Hall

5775 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria

at 5:30 p.m.


JANUARY 4 Cancelled   xxx
FEBRUARY 1 Agenda  Minutes 
FEBRUARY 8 *SPECIAL Agenda Minutes
FEBRUARY 16 *SPECIAL Agenda Minutes
MARCH 1 Agenda  Minutes 
APRIL 5 Agenda  Minutes 
MAY 3 Agenda  Minutes
MAY 11 (Finance) Agenda
JUNE 7  Agenda  Minutes
JUNE 14  Agenda Minutes
JULY 5 Agenda Minutes
AUGUST 2 Agenda  Minutes
SEPTEMBER 6 Agenda Minutes
OCTOBER 4  Agenda Minutes
NOVEMBER 1 Agenda Minutes
DECEMBER 6 Cancelled 
DECEMBER 18 (SPECIAL) Agenda Minutes
FEBRUARY 7 Cancelled
FEBRUARY 15 (SPECIAL) Agenda Minutes
MARCH 7 Agenda Minutes
MARCH 19 (SPECIAL) Agenda Minutes
APRIL 4 Agenda

Meetings are open and public; the community is encouraged to attend.

**DVDs of all board meetings can be viewed at CSFD @ 1140 Eugenia Place, Carpinteria as a matter of public record

Meetings are broadcast live on Carpinteria Government Access Television Channel 21 and rebroadcasted on the Friday following the meeting at 7:00 pm

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