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Name Title Phone E-mail
Ray Navarro Fire Chief  (805) 566-2450 [email protected]
Jim Rampton Battalion Chief (805) 566-2454 [email protected]
Mike Gallagher Battalion Chief (805) 566-2457 [email protected]
Robert Kovach Battalion Chief  (805) 566-0582 [email protected]
Grace Donnelly Executive Assistant (805) 566-2453 [email protected]
Donna Kosiek Administrative Assistant / HR (805) 566-2455 [email protected]
Ed Foster Fire Marshal  (805) 566-2451 [email protected]
Richard Evans  Fire Prevention Officer / Inspector (805) 566-0483 [email protected]
Rolf Larsen Fire Prevention Officer (805) 566-2456 [email protected]
MAIN LINE   (805) 684-4591
FAX LINE (805) 684-8242

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"The exceptional care provided by your firefighters eliminated any chance of aggravating her injuries."
Ray Krakowski
Fire Chief, Burbank Fire Dept