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Ready! Set! Go!

Ready! Set! Go!
Ready! Set! Go! Plan for Carpinteria and Summerland
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Wildfire Action Plan

Saving Lives and Property through Advanced Planning

Dear Resident:

As a resident whose home borders an area of natural or forest vegetation, known as the Wildland/ Urban Interface, we believe you are at risk and should take measures to minimize the risks from a wildfire to your property. The Wildland/ Urban interface should not be considered a place but, more appropriately a set of conditions that include vegetation, structures, unique climate and weather conditions, topography, narrow roads and much more. Residents who take personal responsibility for protecting their lives and property will have the most significant impact on community fire safety.

Over a period of time it has become evident to Southern California fire agencies that our Wildland fire season is now considered a year-round phenomenon. The mission of the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire District is to protect life, property and the environment; yet even with the diligent work of a professional force and the most effective mutual aid agreements in the Nation, there simply are not enough fire engines and firefighters to defend every home during a major wildfire event. Analysis of recent fires has led to Ready! Set! Go! The fire service believes that this process is the most effective approach to personal survivability.

This publication which describes this process will provide many answers, hints, and directions for the at risk population. It was developed through cooperation of numerous California Fire Service Agencies. The publication will guide you through the Wildfire Action Plan process of making your home resistant to the spread of wildfire and your family ready to leave early and safely.

Your Fire District will continue working to address the special needs of our Wildland / Urban interface zones. This year’s efforts include a notice to property owners as a reminder to clear combustible vegetation. Additionally, our engine companies will visit “Interface Neighborhoods” where professional firefighters will provide personal contact and answer individuals’ questions related to home fire safety.

If you have any questions, or need further assistance in making your home fire safe, please do not hesitate to contact our Wildland Specialist Dan Fawcett (805)566-2456.

Fire Chief

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