The Board of Directors normally hold their meetings on the first Wednesday of the month.  

The meetings are held in the Council Chambers at the Carpinteria City Hall located at 5775 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria, California at 5:30 p.m.

Jan 4 Regular Minutes Packet
Feb 1 Regular Minutes Packet
Feb 9 Finance   xxx Agenda
Feb 9 Special   Minutes Packet
Mar 1 Regular canceled xxx xxx
Mar 9 Special Minutes Packet
Mar 16 Finance xxx Agenda
Apr 5 Regular canceled xxx xxx
Apr 6 Special Minutes Agenda
May 3 Regular Minutes Packet
June 7 Regular Minutes Packet
June 9 Special Minutes Agenda
June 27 Special Minutes Agenda
June 28 Committee Minutes Agenda
July 5 Regular Minutes Packet
Aug 2 Regular Minutes Packet
Sept 6 Regular Packet
Sept 14 Fire Station Location Comm Agenda    
Oct 4 Regular canceled xxx xxx
Oct 12 Special
Nov 1 Regular
Dec 6 Regular
Jan 5 Regular x xx canceled
Jan 13 Special x Minutes Packet
Feb 2 Regular x Minutes Packet
Mar 2 Regular x Minutes Packet
Mar 17 Finance Agenda x
Mar 24 Special Agenda Minutes
Apr 6 Regular   Minutes Packet
May 4 Regular   Minutes Packet
May 9 Finance Agenda  
June 1 Regular   Minutes Packet
July 6 Regular Minutes Packet 
Aug 3 Regular Minutes Packet
Sept 7 Regular Minutes Packet
Oct 5 Regular Minutes Packet 
Nov 2 Regular Minutes Packet 
Dec 7 Regular Minutes Packet 

Meetings are open and public; the community is encouraged to attend.

Board Materials are available for 72 hours before Regular Board Meetings - Contact Grace Rampton at [email protected] 

**DVDs of all board meetings can be viewed at CSFD @ 1140 Eugenia Place, Carpinteria as a matter of public record

Meetings are broadcast live on Carpinteria Government Access Television Channel 21 and rebroadcasted on the Friday following the meeting at 7:00 pm

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"The extreme timeliness of the crew's response was actually a giant benefit and we will never need to know what great damage she would have experienced had the response not been so very rapid."
Leonard Cole
Captain, LAFD Ret.