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Greg Fish Fire Chief 805.566.2450 [email protected]
Denise Kephart Human Resources/Payroll 805.566.2455 [email protected]
Grace Rampton Executive Assistant 805.566.2453 [email protected]
Noah Tunney Battalion Chief 805.566.2457 [email protected]
Robert Kovach Battalion Chief 805.566.0582 [email protected]
Brian Roberson Battalion Chief 805.566.2454 [email protected]
Dan Fawcett Wildland Specialist 805.637.4778 [email protected]
Todd Jenkins Fire Inspector 805.698.6428 [email protected]
Mike LoMonaco Fire Marshal 805.698.0816 [email protected]
Main Line   805.684.4591
Fax Line 805.684.8242


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"The exceptional care provided by your firefighters eliminated any chance of aggravating her injuries."
Ray Krakowski
Fire Chief, Burbank Fire Dept