The Fire Prevention Division

The division is responsible for implementing adopted codes and standards related to new and future development. This function includes but is not limited to plan review, new construction inspection, and addressing and certifying of occupancies. The division inspects existing occupancies for central compliance according to adopted fire codes and requirements as well as aspects of the California Environmental Protection Agency regulations of hazardous materials generators

The District implements a vegetation fuel management program in the designated high-fire hazard zones of the Fire District. As part of the Fire Prevention mission, the division is responsible for determining the cause of fire.

The Fire Prevention Division comprises a civilian Fire Marshal and two Fire Inspectors.

The duties of the Fire Inspectors include business inspections, hazardous materials inspections, site plan review and check, site visits, Fire Code permit issuance and enforcement, enhancement of public safety and reduction of property loss through education, and emergency response to all-risk incidents.

Other responsibilities include working with the City of Carpinteria to create the city's Muti-Hazard Functional Plan and the District's Local Hazard Mitigation plan.

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Ray Krakowski
Fire Chief, Burbank Fire Dept