Carpinteria – Summerland Fire Protection District

Position Response on State enacted State Responsibility Areas (SRA) Fees

Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District Board of Directors currently opposes State Responsibility Area (SRA) fees, which adds an additional financial burden on our constituents without discussion, awareness and community input. Bills began arriving in August of 2012

State Responsibility Area (SRA) fees mandate that many homeowners living in designated wildfire-prone areas of our Fire District pay an annual fee of $135 to the State of California for fire prevention services. The Fire Districts Association of California (FDAC) has actively opposed the bill on behalf of the Fire District since the idea was presented a few years ago as a way to generate additional revenues for the state.

Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District protects homes located in the State Responsibility Areas (SRA). The SRA is generally located on parcels north of State Route 192 (Foothill and Casitas Pass Roads). These homeowners already pay local taxes for year-round fire prevention and protection services to the Fire District.

In 2013 the Fire District received $72,000 of in-kind labor from the California Conservation Corps for vegetation modification work in our high fire hazard zones. Questions remain regarding the legality of the fee implementation and the case currently lies in the courts at this point in time.

The Fire District will continue to monitor the issue and make the public aware of any changes through this web site.

For further information contact Michael Mingee, Fire Chief at 805-566-2450 or go to

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