CSFD Welcomes Fire Marshal Robert Rappaport

By Grace Rampton

The Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District is pleased to welcome Robert Rappaport into our Fire Family. 

On October 24, 2019, Robert Rappaport was sworn in and received his Fire Marshal Badge at Headquarters, located at 1140 Eugenia Place, Carpinteria, California.

Fire Marshal Rappaport previously worked for Fire Departments in Redondo Beach, Riverside and Alhambra, California.  Most recently, Rappaport was a Division Chief with Redondo Beach Fire Department.  His expertise includes 20 years as a Fire/Arson Investigator.

Rappaport is in the process of moving to the area with his wife, Amanda.  He has two adult children, Nicole (29) and Taylor (26).  "My wife and I love the outdoors and look forward to experiencing life in the close-knit community of Carpinteria," said Rappaport.

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"The extreme timeliness of the crew's response was actually a giant benefit and we will never need to know what great damage she would have experienced had the response not been so very rapid."
Leonard Cole
Captain, LAFD Ret.