Annual Community Chipping Program May 3-11, 2021

By Grace Rampton
To participate in the chipping program, all material need to be in place by 8:00 a.m. of your scheduled chipping day. If the vegetation is no visible from the road, place take measures to provide clear directions for the crews. The identified schedule must be followed so all participants can be included in the annual program.  Contact Wildland Specialist Dan Fawcett (805) 637-4778 [email protected]
Areas to be chipped with dates:
Summerland: May 3
Ladera / East Valley: May 4 & 5
Toro / Torito: May 6
La Mirada / Paquita / Arriba: May 7 & 8
Shepard Mesa: May 9 & 10
Gobernador: May 11

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