Lots of movement at CSFD

By Grace Rampton
The past couple of month have been busy at the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire District
In February we had Fire Engineer MIKE MORRISON retire after 24 years of service to the District.
Firefighter BRIAN LOMBARDI was promoted to Fire Engineer after being with the District for 5 years.

In March we said congratulations and job well done to Battalion Chief MIKE GALLAGHER after 35 years in the Fire Service, 10 with CSFD as he retired.
Fire Captan NOAH TUNNEY was promoted to Battaltion Chief after being with the District for 8 years.
Fire Inspector MIKE LOMONACO was promoted to Fire Marshal after being with the District for 4 years.
Fire Engineer HAN DOMINI was promoted to Fire Captain after being with the District for 14 years.

Recent News and Events

"The extreme timeliness of the crew's response was actually a giant benefit and we will never need to know what great damage she would have experienced had the response not been so very rapid."
Leonard Cole
Captain, LAFD Ret.